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Finland forward – come join us!

Along with the health, safety and economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis, there is growing concern about people’s psychological resilience and ability to cope during and after the crisis. 

We are now inviting everyone to participate in a communications effort aiming to strengthen people’s confidence in their ability to manage their lives and promote trust in institutions and communities in this new situation.

What is the Finland Forward?

Finland forward is a multi-agency project, led by the Prime Minister’s Office, that is working to support day-to-day crisis communications. Its main form of action is putting together communications and sharing information.

Become a Finland forward communicator if you want to:

  • support psychological resilience to crisis during and after the emergency situation
  • build trust and strengthen people’s sense of belonging and belief in the future
  • provide reliable information and tools for dealing with the emotions and uncertainty caused by the crisis
  • demonstrate the importance and value of joint action and all forms of assistance.

Here’s how it works

Use these hashtags on social media

  • #suomitoimii #yhdessä
  • #finlandfixardet #tillsammans
  • #finlandforward #together.

We, in turn, will follow your #finlandforward #together communications and acknowledge your messages on the Government’s social media channels.

National organisations working to move Finland forward can tell us about their plans and join the network of organisations.

Tiina Varhee ([email protected])

The work continues

Our work at the Prime Minister’s Office began at the beginning of April and will continue until the end of the year. The work and actions will proceed based on the progress of the crisis and will be developed over the course of the spring. The project will focus especially on monitoring the situation and maintaining an up-to-date situational picture, disseminating research data and engaging in cooperation with other organisations involved in dealing with the emergency situation.

Join us in communicating to help move Finland forward!


You can best reach us by email at [email protected]

Share and follow on social media

#suomitoimii #yhdessä
#finlandfixardet #tillsammans
#finlandforward #together

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