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Photo: Nato

Finland becomes observer member of NATO

5.7.2022 12.29

NATO member countries have signed the Accession Protocol of Finland, whereby Finland has become an observer member of NATO. Finland is now entitled to attend NATO meetings. As an observer Finland is not entitled to vote. Next, the NATO member countries will ratify the Accession Protocol based on their national procedures. 

Press conference with Jens Stoltenberg, Pekka Haavisto and Ann Linde

Signing ceremony of the Accesion Protocol of Finland

Current issues

Finland sends more defence materiel assistance to Ukraine

4.7.2022 18.15
On July 4th 2022, the President of the Republic decided, at the proposal of the Government, that Finland will send more defence materiel assistance to Ukraine.

Minister Tuppurainen visited Western Balkans to discuss EU integration and security situation in Europe

5.7.2022 15.18
Minister Tuppurainen at a meeting table
Minister for European Affairs and Ownership Steering Tytti Tuppurainen visited Kosovo, North Macedonia and Albania on 3–5 July. Minister Tuppurainen visited the region together with Thomas Byrne, Ireland’s Minister of State for European Affairs. The purpose of the visit was to promote the EU integration of Western Balkan countries and discuss the security situation in Europe.

Government proposes amendments to Integration Act to secure services for those fleeing Ukraine

1.7.2022 11.50
The Government is preparing amendments to the Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration so that municipalities and wellbeing services counties would be reimbursed for the costs they incur for organising services to beneficiaries of temporary protection who have been granted a municipality of residence.

Finns are increasingly worried about state of nature – biodiversity loss is now recognised as threat

28.6.2022 9.00
56% of the respondents are worried or very worried about the state of Finnish nature, while 80% are worried or very worried about the state of the world’s nature.
Finns are clearly much more worried about the state of nature on the global scale than about the state of Finnish nature. A barometer on the connection to nature was conducted to find out about our relationship with nature and with preserving biodiversity, and how the responsibilities should be divided between the different stakeholders.


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See also

General Government Fiscal Plan for 2023–2026

General Government Fiscal Plan for 2023–2026

Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Government has agreed on the General Government Fiscal Plan for 2023–2026. In its spending limits discussion, the Government decided on extensive measures that will strengthen security, create a vision for the future and build sustainable growth.

Government Programme

Government Programme

The Programme of Prime Minister Sanna Marin's Government: "Inclusive and competent Finland – a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable society".

Finland's EU policy

Finland's EU policy

The basic stance of Finland’s EU policy is to further develop the European Union and to promote growth, stability and security in Europe. Finland is an active, pragmatic and result-oriented Member State.


Finnish Government

Finnish Government

The term ‘Government’ refers to the Government of Finland which consists of a prime minister and a required number of ministers. It also denotes a decision-making body consisting of the government plenary session and the ministries.

About the Government

Government in office

Government in office

On 10 December 2019, the President of the Republic appointed Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Government, which is Finland’s 76th government. Marin’s Government is formed by the Social Democratic Party, the Centre Party, the Greens, the Left Alliance and the Swedish People's Party of Finland. The Government has 19 ministers.

Prime Minister Marin's Government

Finnish Governments

Finnish Governments

Search information on the Finnish Governments, their compositions and Government Programmes throughout Finland’s independence – as of 1917.

Governments and ministers since 1917

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