Government formation talks 2015

Hallitusneuvotteluinfo Valtioneuvoston juhlahuoneistossa 25.5.2015.

The negotiations to form a new government took a new form in the spring of 2015. The aim of the talks was a strategic government programme. The negotiations were conducted in accordance with a flow chart drafted by  Juha Sipilä , the leader of the government formation talks. Information was provided during the negotiations more openly than before: more than 50 doorstep interviews or press conferences were held and key parts of the government programme were published as soon as they were ready.

On the first day of negotiations, the representatives of the Centre Party, the Finns Party and the National Coalition agreed on a shared view of the economic situation and the process of negotiations. An assessment prepared by the Ministry of Finance in March was adopted as the basis of the government programme.
Ministry of Finance report on the economic policy premises 19 March 2015 (in Finnish only) 

The government formation talks working groups which prepared guidelines for Finland's EU policy, migration policy and foreign and security policy concluded their work on Wednesday 13 May. At the press conference held that day, the leader of the government formation talks, Juha Sipilä, presented – as an interim result of the strategy work – the first draft of the vision and strategic objectives for the next ten years. The work continued by defining the government term's priorities and key projects in the working groups.

On Wednesday, 27 May, the negotiators to form a new government reached agreement on the government programme and the allocation of ministerial posts. Materials, news and photos relating to the government formation talks are available on the Government formation talks 2015 website.
Government formation talks 2015 

The Government's new strategic decision-making model was prepared in a project to reform the Government’s steering framework, the OHRA project.
OHRA project reforming the Government's steering framework