Government session on spending limits and discussion on the General Government Fiscal Plan for 2023–2026

The Government held its discussion on the 2023–2026 General Government Fiscal Plan, also known as the session on spending limits, at the House of the Estates 5 April.

The government session on spending limits is an annual government meeting held in March–April, at which the Government reviews general government finances for the next few years. 

At the beginning of the electoral term, as outlined in the Government Programme, the Government decides on the spending limits for budget expenditure during the term. The Government also decides on the rules governing the spending limits procedure for the four-year term.

In the annual government session on spending limits, the Government can make changes to the spending limits due to changes in price and cost levels, for example. The Government may also make changes its priorities within the overall spending limits. 

The mid-term policy review session is a government session held midway through the government term to examine the spending limits and progress on the Government Programme. Prime Minister Marin’s Government held its mid-term policy review session in 2021.

General Government Fiscal Plan 

In its spending limits session, the Government also discusses the General Government Fiscal Plan for the coming years. The plan is drawn up at the beginning of the government term in line with the Government Programme, and it is reviewed annually. 

The purpose of the General Government Fiscal Plan is to support decision-making related to general government finances, including revenue and expenditure, and structural reforms. The plan covers all of public finances, meaning that in addition to central government finances, it also covers local government finances and social security funds.

The plan covers:

  • Economic challenges and the economic policy approach 
  • Objectives and rules for the management of general government finances 
  • Economic fundamentals
  • Government liabilities and risks 
  • Central government finances (incl. spending limits rule, policies, revenue, balance and debt) 
  • Local government finances
  • Earnings-related pension funds and other social security funds 
  • Summary of measures at the level of general government finances 
  • Estimate of general government revenue and expenditure.

The Government approves the General Government Fiscal Plan each year, after which it is submitted to Parliament as a report. The plan is implemented and further specified during the formulation of the Budget.

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