Duties of the Chancellor of Justice

The Chancellor of Justice, on request, provides the President, the Government and the Ministries with information and opinions on legal issues. The Chancellor of Justice also oversees the lawfulness of the acts of the organs of state.

The Chancellor of Justice attends the government plenary sessions and the presidential sessions of the Government. The Chancellor of Justice is responsible for ensuring that legal procedures and regulations in force are followed. The duties of the Chancellor of Justice only extend to legal matters and they do not cover the appropriateness or political assessment of decisions. The Chancellor of Justice must, when necessary, provide the government plenary sessions or presidential sessions with his/her legal opinion on an issue under discussion.

The supervision of the Government is, in practice, mainly anticipatory in nature. Presentation agendas that are prepared in the ministries and serve as a basis for decision-making are sent to the Office of the Chancellor of Justice for confirmation prior to a government session and requires, quite often, negotiations with government employees in the ministries involved and the issuing of opinions on the legal aspects of the matter. All errors observed in the process of confirming the agenda are rectified prior to government meetings and, when necessary, the handling of a matter may also be postponed.