EU affairs and the Finnish government

The main responsibility for the preparation, monitoring and determination of Finland's positions in affairs relating to the European Union rests with the relevant ministries.

Finland’s system for coordinating EU affairs aims to ensure that Finland can present a coordinated position in line with Finland's general EU policy on any issue under consideration in the European Union at any stage of consideration.

The system for coordinating EU affairs in Finland is unique among the EU Member States. It is based on outlines issued by the Ministerial Committee on European Union Affairs, effective preparation and coordination work by public officials, and timely communications to and involvement of Parliament.

The Government EU Affairs Department is responsible for ensuring the coordination of EU affairs and the smooth functioning of the coordination system. The system consists of the relevant ministries, the Ministerial Committee on European Union Affairs, the Committee for EU Affairs and its sub-committees. Finland's Permanent Representation to the European Union in Brussels also takes part in the preparation of EU affairs.

In discussing and coordinating EU affairs, particular attention is paid to involving and informing the Government of Åland.


Finland's EU policy

The Prime Minister's Office website provides more information on Finland's EU policy and current EU affairs.

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