The main Government premises are located in the Government Palace by Senate Square. Today, the Government Palace houses the Prime Minister’s Office, the Office of the Chancellor of Justice and some departments of the Ministry of Finance.

The Prime Minister's Office manages the main Government banqueting premises. Kesäranta is the Prime Minister's Official Residence. Government authorities have the right to reserve the House of the Estates, the Government Banquet Hall and the Königstedt Manor for their various functions.

Use of the Government Banquet Hall is primarily restricted to Government ministers and the Chancellor of Justice.

The House of the Estates and the Königstedt Manor are primarily for the use of Government Ministers and the Chancellor of Justice; the Speakers and the Secretary General of Parliament; the top leaders of ministries, central government agencies and public bodies; and the Supreme Administrative Court and the Supreme Court.

Reservation of the banqueting premises, i.e. the Government Banquet Hall, the House of the Estates and the Königstedt Manor, takes place via the banqueting premises sales service ([email protected]).