OHRA – the project to reform the Government’s steering framework

Implementation of the OHRA Project proposals

The Ministry of Finance has established a project to prepare the implementation of the proposals made by the OHRA Project, with a mandate up to the end of June 2015.

The project’s mission is to translate the OHRA Project recommendations into concrete actions so that they can be adopted when the next Government takes office. The pacing of the Government’s new action plan process, the necessary documents, and coordination with the general government fiscal planning process particularly call for the specification of details and the preparation of any regulatory amendments.

The task of the implementation project is:

  • to determine the exact phases, timetables and document templates required for the practical preparation and annual update of the Government Action Plan and to prepare the necessary regulatory amendments;
  • to draw up a research and evaluation plan for the Government with due regard to the electoral cycle; and
  • to prepare a plan for organising the provision of expert support for impact assessment.

The project is led by State Secretary Olli-Pekka Heinonen of the Prime Minister’s Office (Chair) and State Secretary Martti Hetemäki of the Ministry of Finance. Preparation and coordination is carried out by a working group, which also serves as the steering group’s secretariat. The members of the working group are:

Sirpa Kekkonen, Head of Unit, Prime Minister’s Office, Chair
Katju Holkeri, Senior Adviser for Finance, Ministry of Finance
Johanna Nurmi, Ministerial Adviser, Minister of Finance
Jouni Varanka, Senior Specialist, Prime Minister’s Office
Tanja Rantanen, Senior Adviser for Finance, Ministry of Finance
Päivi Paasikoski, Head of Communications, Prime Minister’s Office

Other working groups appointed for preparation

A working group to coordinate preparation of the Government Action Plan and the General Government Fiscal Plan. Chaired by Undersecretary of State Timo Viherkenttä, Ministry of Finance. Appointed on 4 February 2015; deadline: a proposal for the procedures to be followed in coordinating the preparation of the Government Action Plan and the General Government Fiscal Plan, by 31 March 2015. The working group will continue its coordination work until the completion of the Government Action Plan and the General Government Fiscal Plan for 2016–2019.

A working group to prepare the establishment of the impact assessment expert unit. Chaired by Permanent Secretary Tiina Astola, Ministry of Justice. Appointed 2 February 2015, deadline 17 April 2015.