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Implementation of the Government Programme

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s Government’s objectives are to bring the Finnish economy onto a path of sustainable growth and higher employment and to safeguard sufficient financial resources for public services and social protection.

With its five strategic priorities in the Government Programme, Sipilä’s Government is taking steps to follow through with essential reforms. The strategic objectives are materialised in the form of 26 key projects. The Government will also overhaul the pension system, implement a social welfare and healthcare reform, reduce the amount of obligations and functions in local government and reform central and regional administration.

Government action plan, updated 25 May 2018
More information on the implementation of the Government Programme

Key projects

Employment and competitiveness

  1. Boosting competitiveness by improving conditions for business and entrepreneurship
  2. Incentive traps that discourage acceptance of work will be removed and structural unemployment reduced
  3. Company-level bargaining will be promoted and barriers to employment removed
  4. Reforming labour administration to support employment
  5. Increased housing production

Knowledge and education

  1. New learning environments and digital materials for comprehensive schools
  2. Vocational upper secondary education reform
  3. Accelerated transition to working life
  4. Improved access to art and culture
  5. Closer cooperation between higher education institutions and business life to bring innovations to the market
  6. Shift from the youth guarantee towards a community guarantee

Health and wellbeing

  1. Customer-responsive services
  2. Health and wellbeing will be fostered and inequalities reduced
  3. Programme to restructure child and family services
  4. Home care for older people will be developed and better informal care for all age groups
  5. Career opportunities for people with impaired work capacity

Bioeconomy and clean solutions

  1. Towards carbon-free, clean and renewable energy in a cost-efficient way
  2. Wood on the move and new products from forests
  3. Breakthrough to a circular economy and adoption of clean solutions
  4. Economically viable food production in Finland, balanced trade and thriving blue bioeconomy
  5. Nature policy based on trust and fair means

Digitalisation, experimentation and deregulation

  1. Digitalised public services
  2. Growth environment for digital business operations
  3. Streamlined legal provisions
  4. A culture for experimenting
  5. Better leadership and implementation


  1. Health and social services reform
  2. Reduction of costs in municipalities, regions and across the entire public sector
  3. Municipality of the future
  4. Regional government reform
  5. Central government reform