Central government management of the coronavirus situation

On Monday 30 March, the Government decided to reorganise the management of the coronavirus crisis at the central government level. The COVID-19 Coordination Group set up in February, which initially consisted of the Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Preparedness of the ministries responsible for handling the coronavirus situation, was expanded to cover the Permanent Secretaries of all ministries. The emergency management organisation within the Prime Minister’s Office was also strengthened.

The task of the Government COVID-19 Coordination Group is to implement the decisions made by the Government to curb the coronavirus epidemic and to coordinate cooperation between the ministries. It will continue to meet at least twice a week.

In addition to the Permanent Secretaries of the ministries, the Coordination Group includes Director of Government Security Ahti Kurvinen, Director of Government Communications Päivi Anttikoski, Head of Unit Heikki Hovi and Director of the National Institute for Health and Welfare Mika Salminen. The group is chaired by Mikko Koskinen, State Secretary to the Prime Minister. The group is supported by the ministries’ Heads of Preparedness and Preparedness Secretaries, who are responsible for operational activities and cooperation.

The Situation Centre, which operates permanently in the Prime Minister’s Office, is now primarily focused on monitoring the coronavirus situation and its effects. The Situation Centre is in charge of maintaining the situational picture and communicating it to the President of the Republic, the Government and other authorities.

An Operations Centre has also been established under the Prime Minister’s Office to maintain an overall picture of the progress made in implementing the Government’s decisions. The centre is led by Head of Unit Heikki Hovi. Communications are managed and coordinated by the Prime Minister’s Office.

In addition, a group is being set up to coordinate arrangements for the post-crisis period.