Finland declares a state of emergency due to COVID-19.

Restrictions during the coronavirus epidemic


The restrictions in place aim reduce the number of contacts between people. This is the safest way to reduce the number of infections and curb the spread of the disease. When the number of cases is high, there is a risk that not everyone will get the treatment they need.

The purpose of the restrictions is to ensure that Finland emerges from the crisis as quickly and with as little damage as possible. The measures aim to protect the lives and health of people, especially the most vulnerable. The decisions to impose restrictions take into account their impact on the epidemiological situation, the economy and people’s wellbeing.

Where can I find information on the restrictions and recommendations in place in a certain region?

Restrictions may apply to a certain region or all of Finland. The regional restrictions and recommendations in place depend on the phase of the epidemic in the region in question. This page contains information on restrictions and recommendations that apply to all of Finland or to several regions.

You can find information on the restrictions in your area on the website of your hospital district or municipality.

Regional COVID-19 situation and restrictions on the hospital district websites

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COVID-19 restrictions in preparation and entering into force

The Government and ministries are currently preparing restrictions and recommendations that can be introduced if necessary to manage COVID-19.

COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations in preparation and entering into force