Restrictions on restaurants by region

The updated restrictions will be valid from 23 April 2021. The restrictions on opening hours and the number of customers allowed in the premises vary by region. You can check the current restrictions in your region on the map or on the table at the bottom of the page. The restrictions will remain in force until further notice. They may change depending on the development of the epidemic in the area. The restrictions will be reviewed weekly. 

The regions where the restrictions are stricter than in the rest of the country are highlighted in dark. Please note the following concerning the regional restrictions:   

  • Restrictions on the number of customer seats only apply indoors, not on outdoor terraces. 
  • Restrictions on opening hours do not apply to restaurants operating in connection with service stations or to takeaway sales of food. 

Restaurant restrictions in force in all of Finland 

Restaurants must ensure that: 

  • Customers are provided with information and instructions so that they can act correctly and prevent coronavirus infections.  
  • Customers can wash their hands.  
  • There are sufficient distances between customers indoors and outdoors.  
  • Indoors, the restaurant staff must escort customers to their seats, which must located by a table or a counter. For example, dancing is prohibited indoors. All customers must have seats on outdoor terraces too.  
  • The restaurant and in particular, all surfaces in it, are kept clean. 

Restrictions on restaurants in regions

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