Restrictions during the coronavirus epidemic

The aim of the restrictions and recommendations is to slow down and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Finland, to safeguard the resource capacity and resilience of the healthcare system throughout the country, and to protect people, especially those at risk.

Updated COVID-19 action plan for winter and spring 2021

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has updated the action plan for implementing the Government’s hybrid strategy to combat COVID-19. The action plan guides operators in the healthcare and social welfare sector in managing the COVID-19 epidemic. To effectively prevent the spread of infections, the measures in the plan must be proactive and sufficiently broad in scope. 

The plan covers the period from January to May 2021, and it can be revised during the spring if the epidemiological situation so requires.

The COVID-19 action plan divides the epidemic into three phases: baseline, acceleration phase and community transmission phase. The classifications are used to assess the need for recommendations and restrictions and to ensure that they are appropriately targeted. 

Action plan for the implementation of the hybrid strategy, 5 January 2021

National and regional recommendations

Of the restrictions and recommendations currently in place, some apply to all of Finland while others are regional. The regional restrictions and recommendations in place depend on the phase of the epidemic in the region in question. Restrictions and recommendations may also be put in place for a certain fixed period. The Government's recommendations are not legally binding.

Any new decisions and resulting guidelines will be updated on this page. 

Regional situation, restrictions and recommendations –