Restrictions during the coronavirus epidemic

It is still important to comply with the restrictions and recommendations in place in order to curb the epidemic. Remember to also follow the hygiene guidelines issued by the authorities.

The COVID-19 vaccine protects against the most severe form of the disease. As more and more people are vaccinated, more restrictions can be lifted and society can be reopened. Some of the restrictions and recommendations have already been lifted. 

Lifting the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19

The authorities regularly reassess the need for restrictions. Further spread of the COVID-19 epidemic is being prevented primarily through local and regional measures. The regional guidelines, restrictions and recommendations in place depend on the epidemiological situation in the region in question. The competent authorities in each region will decide on the recommendations and restrictions in force in line with the Communicable Diseases Act. 

You can find out about the situation in your area on the website of your hospital district or municipality.

Regional COVID-19 situation and restrictions on the hospital district websites