Hybrid strategy to manage the COVID-19 epidemic

The hybrid strategy to manage COVID-19 guides the authorities in implementing the necessary restrictions and recommendations. The hybrid strategy was updated in February 2022 in line with a government resolution on the matter. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has updated the plan for implementing the guidelines set in the strategy.

Guidelines of the hybrid strategy

The objective of the hybrid strategy in 2022 is to 

  • stabilise society and keep it as open as possible, 
  • support post-crisis management and reconstruction, and
  • prepare for the ongoing global pandemic. 

Measures to fight the COVID-19 epidemic will primarily focus on encouraging people to protect their own health, offering vaccines to prevent the serious consequences of infections, and imposing necessary and limited restrictions. More emphasis will be placed on vaccination coverage, home testing and regional communication.

The aim is to move away from extensive measures. Some restrictions may still be deemed necessary, but these must be limited in scope and treat different sectors as equitably as possible.

The best interest of the child continues to be the top priority in decision-making. 

It is also necessary to prepare for the emergence of a new virus variant that is resistant to current vaccines and that could significantly worsen the epidemiological situation. We must be ready to respond to a sudden deterioration of the epidemic.

Equitable access to care and services must also be ensured.

COVID-19 testing and tracing strategy

Based on the current pandemic situation, there is no need for extensive testing and tracing of COVID-19 infections among the entire population. Many Finns also have good vaccine protection against the severe form of the virus. In healthcare services, the following groups in particular will be tested in future:

  • Patients with severe symptoms in accordance with medical principles 
  • People with mild symptoms who belong to high-risk groups
  • Pregnant women
  • Healthcare and social welfare employees

COVID-19 vaccination strategy

Vaccinations keep society open, secure the capacity of the healthcare system and reduce the incidence of the severe form of the disease in particular. The objective is to increase the share of vaccinated people in the population in ac-cordance with recommendations, especially in groups that have a high risk of developing the severe form of the disease.

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