Preparedness for the coronavirus epidemic at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Finnish citizens and people residing in Finland must now avoid all travel abroad. We recommend that Finnish travellers return to Finland. If you are still staying abroad, please submit a travel notification at

The coronavirus epidemic is affecting travel safety throughout the world. In their travel notices, all countries advise against all travel for the time being. All non-essential travel should be discontinued.

Finnish missions abroad will focus on offering consular services to Finns and people with a permanent residence in Finland and on reporting on the pandemic situation in their host countries. The missions will post the latest updates on the situation in their consular district on their social media channels.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs will update the Q&A on its website on a regular basis.

Finland's missions abroad are monitoring the situation closely

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Finnish missions abroad are responsible for protecting Finns outside Finland's borders. Each mission has a contingency plan specified for the needs of the country in question, and the missions are continuously monitoring the coronavirus situation in their host countries. The Ministry and the missions also support the Finnish state leadership in their decision-making by analysing country-specific situational awareness information that is central for crisis preparedness.

In the event of a crisis, the missions assist Finns in protecting their personal safety, taking into account the conditions and the mission's real possibilities to do so. During a pandemic, the missions' capacity to provide normal consular services may be more limited than usual. In that case, the missions will try to help Finns in to the best of their abilities.

It is important that all Finns staying abroad take responsibility for their own health and safety. The missions’ principal task is to provide advice and recommendations and, if necessary, to assist in organising essential healthcare.

When preparing for and during the pandemic, the Foreign Service remains in close contact with the other EU Member States and its Nordic and other partners.

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