Corona-info: information on the coronavirus by telephone and chat

For general information on the coronavirus and advice on using the Koronavilkku mobile app, you can call the telephone service at 0295 535 535 or use the live chat. The information service is open on weekdays at 8–18 and Saturdays at 9–15.

The chat window will be enabled on this page whenever a customer service professional is available to answer questions.

The service, implemented through cooperation between authorities, is primarily available in Finnish and, where possible, also in Swedish and English.

You can also send questions via SMS to 050 902 0163. The SMS service is intended for people who cannot talk on the phone due to impaired hearing or for other reasons.

The information service will be further developed as the coronavirus situation progresses. Calls and SMS are only charged the local network, mobile call or SMS fee according to the operator's phone plan. If you are using a call package, check with your operator to see if calls to 029-numbers are included. The service itself is free.

The service does not provide advice on legal matters or health-related matters, such as acute symptoms.

If you need health-related advice or guidance:

  • Please see the Omaolo service for a symptom checker.
  • Your health centre will provide general health advice.
  • Some municipalities have their own COVID-19 helplines.
  • If you experience acute symptoms, contact the emergency health services in your area.
  • In areas where the Medical Helpline 116 117 is not yet in use, call your local emergency number.
  • In life-threatening emergencies, call the emergency number 112.

If you need information on vaccinations or testing:

Information in Russian