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Information and advice on the coronavirus

The package of government information and advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) includes the policies and decisions of the Government, the restrictions and guidelines that are in force, answers to frequently asked questions, information on the Government’s management arrangements during the state of emergency, and on the coronavirus information packs put together by the different ministries.

The contents of the package are in Finnish and Swedish, and most of it is in English as well. Some of the Government’s press releases have also been translated into the Saami languages and into Estonian, Russian, Somali and Arabic. The Government’s press conferences have also been interpreted in Finnish sign language.

Government agrees on national and regional recommendations to prevent spread of COVID-19 epidemic

15.10.2020 14.30

In its talks on Thursday 15 October, the Government decided on national and regional recommendations help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The recommendations take into account the most recent assessment of the epidemiological situation. The Government will adopt a resolution on the recommendations at its plenary session next week.

Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saarikko, Minister of Education Li Andersson, Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services Krista Kiuru and  were present at the press conference.

Recording of the press conference
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Government press conferences

COVID-19 updates and guidance

Looking for information on coronavirus in other languages?

Government press releases in North Saami, Inari Saami, Skolt Saami, Estonian, Russian, Somali and Arabic. 

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