''Research and foresight information will be used more effectively to underpin the Government's strategic policy-making''

4.1 Management of the strategic Government Programme

The management of the Government’s policy objectives seeks to coordinate the policy and resource processes, improve the efficiency of the coordination and implementation of government policy, and ensure policy preparation that extends across parliamentary terms. To support the implementation of the Government Programme, the Government's strategy process will be reinforced through organisational changes that might be necessary in the Prime Minister's Office. The necessary amendments to the Government Rules of Procedure will be prepared in 2019.

In the management of the strategic Government Programme, the key roles will be played by parliamentary committees that will be appointed to carry out the preparations extending across parliamentary terms, by strategic ministerial working groups, and by strategic agreements with the ministries concluded under the leadership of the Prime Minister's Office. Together with the other ministries, the Prime Minister's Office will prepare a policy guidance process to ensure that the available resources are used according to the agreed priorities. A government action plan will be drawn up for the parliamentary term, setting out how the objectives, reforms and prioritised sets of policies of the Government Programme will be implemented. The implementation of the projects outlined in the Government Programme and the realisation of the objectives will be monitored systematically. Research and foresight information will be used more effectively to underpin the Government's strategic policy-making.

The Government will hold regular joint government evening sessions. These sessions will keep the Government's shared idea of the current situation up to date and support the implementation of the Government’s main objectives.

The Government will issue common policy guidelines for initiating each round of reviews. The Government’s strategy and steering documents will be compiled into a single, easily managed hierarchical system, ensuring that the resource needs of the strategies are compatible with the General Government Fiscal Plan.

The Prime Minister’s Office will be given a stronger role in the strategic steering of the Government Programme.