2 Government’s core messages

The Government's main objectives and major reforms are set out in the Government Programme. The Government is united in its view of the objectives and the core messages. To establish a shared understanding it is important to have a clear overall picture.

It is therefore vital for internal purposes, too, that the Government’s objectives and messages are set out in a comprehensible way. It is critical that experts and leading officials also understand the Government’s objectives and feel that they have an active role to play. Ministers and public officials will be involved in communicating through various channels. Across government everyone will communicate. Examples set by ministers will also be important in communication.

A separate internal communications plan will be drawn up for the Government. It will ensure the flow of communications within the government, at ministerial level and among public officials.

The Government Programme of Prime Minister Antti Rinne’s Government is designed to build a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable Finland.

2.1 Social sustainability

Social sustainability means we take responsibility for each other and our common future. Trust among individuals and also among different players in society is a key condition for building a socially sustainable society.

2.2 Sustainable economy

A sustainable economy requires not only raising the employment rate but also boosting labour productivity. Our success depends on our ability to take advantage of the opportunities offered by change and to further develop the strengths we already have.

2.3 Ecologically sustainable Finland

An ecologically sustainable Finland will show the way in mitigating climate change and protecting biodiversity.

2.4 Key themes

The core messages will be implemented through eight key themes laid out in the Government Programme and the measures undertaken within these themes.