1 Values in government communications

The foundations for the strategy are provided by the values and principles set out in the government communications guidelines – values of openness, reliability, impartiality, comprehensibility, interactivity and service-mindedness.

The government communications guidelines | vnk.fi

Predictability, consistency and dialogue are also emphasised. The values at the core of the Government’s communications can be summarised as reliability, transparency, clarity, open-mindedness and interactivity.

1.1 Reliability

The Government will communicate in such a way that people can trust they will be given correct and reliable information in a fair and timely manner. Trust is built and maintained through consistent communications.

Information will be given on important matters even when they are still unfinished. Objectives and impacts will be clearly described and an overall picture given of complex issues. For the general public and for other stakeholders it is essential to know why things are being done and not just what or how. When the Government is able to communicate clearly why things are being done, it will help people to understand the reasons and to join the dots to make a bigger picture.

1.2 Transparency

The Government will communicate openly and transparently about its preparatory work and decision-making. It is essential that information provided by public authorities is easy to locate and use and is comprehensible. The Government will focus on building a new kind of interactive process.

1.3 Clarity

The Government will provide concise and focused information using good, clear language. We will devote attention to this in all our communications channels. Everybody affected by government decisions has the right to receive information on those decisions in understandable Finnish and Swedish. All key decisions will also be translated into English.

Government communications will provide people with a clear and comprehensible picture of the Government's objectives and actions, and of the implementation of the objectives, enabling everyone to form their own view about society.

1.4 Open-mindedness

The Government, led by its ministers, will have to make some difficult decisions, and it will be essential to provide information about these and to discuss them. Taking an open-minded approach, we will adopt new ways of interacting. It is important that justifications should always be available. In an open democracy the best way to build trust is through open dialogue, although interaction may not always result in agreement. Information can and should also be provided on matters that are not yet finished.

1.5 Interactivity

The aim of government communications is to promote interaction between the Government and the rest of society. The Government will use different methods and channels for interaction, taking an open-minded approach.