Annex 2. One-off future-oriented investments

Within the framework of the one-off programme of future-oriented investments, up to EUR 3 billion will be targeted at one-off investments and socially important experimental schemes. The measures are non-recurrent and will not increase central government expenditure in 2023.

Financing and procedures

To cover the one-off expenditure referred to here, EUR 3 billion will be reserved of which EUR 2.5 billion can be raised from the state’s direct shareholdings and the remaining EUR 500 million from other asset items. 

These sums will be used for one-off investments and socially important experimental schemes that will be implemented through project capitalisation or direct allocation of budget appropriations. 

The Government plenary session will decide on the use of these funds based on the preparatory work of the Ministerial Committee on Economic Policy. 

Increases for strategic themes in total in 2020–2022 compared with the spring 2019 technical General Government Fiscal Plan
  EUR million
2.1 Carbon neutral Finland that protects biodiversity 507
3.1.1 Housing policy 43
3.2 Globally influential Finland 250,1
3.3 Safe and secure Finland built on the rule of law 92,6
3.3.1 Strengthening the rule of law 6,5
3.4 Dynamic and thriving Finland 522
3.4.1. Developing and maintaining the transport network 150
3.4.2 Agriculture 278
3.5 Finland built on trust and labour market equality 100
3.6 Fair, equal and inclusive Finland 180
3.6.2 Reform of social security 20
3.7 Finland that promotes competence, education, culture and innovation 730
3.7.1 Youth, culture and sport 120
Unallocated 50.8
Total 3050

In addition, EUR 75 million will be allocated from the Housing Fund of Finland to theme 3.1 (‘carbon neutral Finland that protects biodiversity’) and EUR 176 million to theme 3.1.1 (‘housing policy’).