"We want to reform our political culture and decision-making"

1.1 Our pledges to citizens on policy reforms

We want to reform our political culture and decision-making. Reforming society and increasing equality can succeed only if we strengthen people’s trust in the ability of our democratic system to function.

This is why we are making the following pledges on policy reforms to our citizens:

  1. Pledge for continuous learning in government

    Amid constant changes, we do not imagine we know in advance what will work and what will not. Instead, we will seek out information and conduct experiments so that we can act in ways that will benefit our citizens.

  2. Pledge for a new kind of interaction

    We need a more cross-sectoral approach to the preparation of matters and decision-making. We will develop ways to engage a broader group of stakeholders in reforming society. A new kind of interaction means both involving people much more strongly in public administration activities and searching for and testing new ways of interacting.

  3. Pledge for long-term policy-making

    We commit to taking account of long-term objectives and to engaging in systematic parliamentary cooperation between the Government and Parliament. We can reach our long-term objectives by introducing new practices for cooperation between Parliament and the Government.

  4. Pledge for knowledge-based policy-making

    Legislative preparation of a high quality is a key condition for the credibility and legitimacy of policy-making. We commit to knowledge-based policy-making and systematic impact assessment in all legislative preparation. We will engage in deeper cooperation with the scientific community.

  5. Pledge for non-discrimination

    Human rights and human dignity belong to us all. We pledge to build a Finland that is tolerant and respects and promotes everyone’s human rights. Our country has zero tolerance for bullying and racism. We want to build a nation that is equal, accessible and supportive.

  6. Pledge for fair and equal treatment across generations

    Older people are worried about the availability and quality of services and how they will be able to cope. Young people are worried about the conditions for life on earth as the climate is changing, but also about their opportunities for education, training and employment amid growing uncertainty in the labour market. We want to build a child-friendly Finland that is a good place to go to school, work and have a family. We want to make sure that every young person has the opportunity to study, participate and pursue their dreams. At the same time, we want to guarantee a dignified old age for everyone so that nobody is left alone. We do not want to live at the expense of future generations, either, which is why we are committed to achieving an employment rate of 75 per cent and to balancing general government finances by 2023.

By fulfilling these pledges, we can achieve bold policy objectives and a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable Finland.