''All state-owned companies must base their operations on corporate social responsibility''

4.4 Ownership policy

The Government will continue with a long-term ownership policy that is dynamic and secures Finland’s strategic interests. State ownership will be assessed from the perspectives of overall benefit to the national economy, development of the operations and value of state-owned companies, and the efficient allocation of resources. State ownership in different companies will be developed based on the objectives of each holding. Objectives can include strategic ownership, financial interests, or the advancement of growth, jobs and sustainable development by means of state ownership. Bioeconomy, cleantech, energy efficiency, environmental technology and health technology are among potential new targets for state investment. 

All state-owned companies must base their operations on corporate social responsibility. Companies must take into account in their decision-making the economic factors and the social and environmental impacts of their activities.

The Government Resolution on State Ownership Policy will be updated, and the criteria for strategic ownership will re-evaluated. 

The Government will launch several important infrastructure projects during the electoral term. Preparations will be made to recapitalise the companies or projects founded for these projects, if necessary. Depending on the needs of each project, this can be done by using budgetary funds, by transferring state shareholdings to the new companies or by recapitalising the companies with sales proceeds from state shareholdings.

Suomen Kuntarahoitus Oy will be transferred to the ownership steering of the Prime Minister’s Office. As part of the preparations for updating the Government Resolution, the Government will also assess whether any restructuring of state ownership steering is necessary. 

As an owner, the State should use its ownership as a means of creating active renewal in society. The State’s capital assets in corporate ownership are so significant that the assets must be put to more efficient use to boost economic growth and employment. The use of capital will be stepped up by means of state ownership steering not only to activate current assets but also to generate new economic activity in Finland. The State Business Development Company (Vake) will play a key role in the efforts to achieve this objective. The tasks and targets of the State Business Development Company will be revised in autumn 2019 so that they support the objectives of the Government Programme.