Annex 1. Summary of discretionary changes in permanent expenditure


Increases for strategic themes at the 2023 level compared with the spring 2019 technical General Government Fiscal Plan:
  EUR million
3.1 Carbon neutral Finland that protects biodiversity 98
3.1.1 Housing policy 12
3.2 Globally influential Finland 100
3.3 Safe and secure Finland built on the rule of law 40
3.3.1 Strengthening the rule of law 15
3.3.2 Defence policy 10
3.4 Dynamic and thriving Finland 125
3.4.1. Developing and maintaining the transport network 20
3.4.2 Agriculture 35
3.5 Finland built on trust and labour market equality 65
3.6 Fair, equal and inclusive Finland (incl. 3.6.1 health and social services) 270
3.6.2 Reform of social security 300
3.7 Finland that promotes competence, education, culture and innovation 201,5
3.7.1 Youth, culture and sport 22,5
of which from unallocated reserve -84
Total 1 230

A table of expenditure allocation by measure at the 2023 level in the annex.


A working group will be appointed to draw up, by the autumn budget session, a proposal for deductions of EUR 100 million at the 2023 level concerning business subsidies. If no agreement is reached on the deductions, all business subsidies will be decreased in relation to their costs. The aim is to examine this in as balanced a way as possible, also in regard to tax subsidies, taking into account the appropriateness of the outcome. At the same time, a decision will be made on the possible continuation of the emissions trading compensation.

The levels of the deferrable appropriation items will be permanently reduced by a total of EUR 50 million (at the 2023 level), the reductions being targeted at appropriations that have without cause been used significantly below their budgeted level in recent years (exceptionally large ‘transferrable items’).

The appropriation level of the EU membership contribution based on the Commission’s proposal will be reduced by EUR 50 million (at the 2023 level) with respect to the technical General Government Fiscal Plan, giving due consideration to the current situation in the negotiations. If, however, the EU membership contribution turns out to be greater than this, the situation in regard to the planned additional expenditure will be reassessed.