Annex 11. Tables, Annex 1

3.1 Carbon neutral Finland that protects biodiversity

  EUR million
Measure 2023
Climate Panel 0,5
Round table on climate policy in connection with the sustainable development committee 0,2
Supporting investments to replace coal, EUR 90 million during the budget planning period 18,0
Climate policy for the land use sector 15,0
Increasing the funding for nature conservation 46,0
Continuing the programme on more efficient water protection 12,0
Increasing resources for environmental research and the environment administration 2,8
Increasing the availability of continuing education in the construction sector to raise the level of energy efficiency expertise Investing in independent construction-sector research 1,0
Implementing the programme to promote a circular economy 2,0
Reporting waste data and collecting statistics, database, maintenance funding 0,3
Establishing the post of Animal Welfare Ombudsman 0,1
Increasing the amount of funding for adopting methods to replace animal testing 0,2
Total 98,0

3.1.1 Housing policy

  EUR million
Measure 2023
Grants for carrying out building inspections and drafting renovation plans 2,3
Increasing operational expenditure due to new duties 0,4
Housing advice expenses New statutory duty with estimated expenses impacting general government finances EUR 3.0 million in the Budget and estimated EUR 6.3 million for municipalities after discretionary government transfers 9,3
Total 12,0

3.2 Globally influential Finland

  EUR million
Measure 2023
Maintaining the network of missions abroad 4,0
Strengthening the network of missions abroad 3,9
Strengthening the handling of matters relating to entry in the country in the network of missions abroad and in the Ministry 2,5
Information security and staff expenses 2,4
Strengthening of civilian crisis management 4,5
Own budget item for mediation 1,5
Development cooperation funding 0.41 % of GNI 83,7
Strengthening cooperation within the Baltic Sea, Barents Sea and the Artic region 1,4
Total 100

3.3 Safe and secure Finland built on the rule of law

  EUR million
Measure 2023
Raising the number of the police officers to 7,500 (incl. the resources of the Police University College) 18,0
The Border Guard, safeguarding the present level 4,3
Increasing the refugee quota 4,30
Improving cyber capabilities to respond to information security threats 4,0
Preventing radicalisation 0,35
Emergency response centres 2,5
Over-indebtedness (focus on legal aid offices, early advice and economic skills) 1,5
State Security Networks Group Finland (renewal of the public authority network (Virve), costs for the transition phase) 5,0
Total 40,0

3.3.1 Strengthening the rule of law

  EUR million
Measure 2023
Safeguarding resources within the administrative branch 1,70
Criminal proceedings 5,20
Centralising the taking of evidence into district courts 2,00
Operating expenses/courtroom equipment of other courts 0,50
Legal aid for asylum seekers (public legal aid + fees paid to private counsels) 1,30
Improving the competence of law drafters in fundamental and human rights issues and their expertise in constitutional law and other public law 0,20
Enhancing the role of impact assessment in law drafting 0,40
National Action Plan on Fundamental and Human Rights 0,10
Human rights reporting and addressing human rights problems (Non-Discrimination Ombudsman, human rights organisations) 0,45
Appointing a joint government coordinator against human trafficking with sufficient staffing resources 0,15
Post of an independent rapporteur on violence against women 0,20
Strategy for the National Languages of Finland (and a language policy programme) 0,20
Transparency register: personnel and information system expenses 0,10
Maintaining the current network of enforcement offices 1,20
Enhancing work against the grey economy and economic crime by continuing to allocate additional financing to the enforcement service and the Office of the Bankruptcy Ombudsman 1,30
Total 15,00

3.3.2 Defence policy

  EUR million
Measure 2023
Securing sufficient resources for the defence administration: During this term of government, the tasks of the Defence Forces personnel will increase by about 100 tasks. 7,0
The general conscription system will be developed: With the human resources in the Defence Forces increasing, the volume of refresher training will be increased gradually. The aim is an increase of approximately 20 per cent by the end of the Government term. 1,5
Voluntary national defence: The Act on Voluntary National Defence will be implemented. 1,5
Total 10,00

3.4 Dynamic and thriving Finland

    EUR million
Measure Measure 2023
Support for research, development and  innovation Billion-euro ecosystems and innovations 43
Central government financing for universities Billion-euro ecosystems and innovations 40
Central government financing for universities of applied sciences Billion-euro ecosystems and innovations 20

International growth programme (incl. attracting top talent to Finland)

Operating expenses of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority Measures to strengthen competition and consumer policy 2
  Solutions to enable work in any location (in the organisation of government tasks) -10
  Total 125,0

3.4.1 Developing and maintaining the transport network

        EUR million
Measure 2020 2021 2022 2023
Permanent increase adjustment in basic transport infrastructure management 300 300 100 -100

(within the technical framework EUR +300 million starting in 2022)

Transport infrastructure projects       100
Public transport subsidy + procurements (EMISSION IMPACTS) 20 20 20 20
Total 320,00 320,00 120,00 20,00

3.4.2 Agriculture

  EUR million
Measure 2023
Climate-friendly food system  
Focus on research (incl. reallocation from the  Academy) 5,0
Nutrient recycling compensation for biogas 6,0
Finnish Organic Research Institute 0,5
Measures to strengthen biodiversity 0,5
Total 12,00
  EUR million
Measure 2023
Viable food economy  
Combating animal diseases 1,25
Food exports 1
Food exports 1,5
Market measures, public procurement, PDOs/PGIs, work on brands 0,5
Nutrition, school meals 0,5
Development programme for arable land structure 5
Flood protection and water management in agricultural soils 1,7
Financing of organic production commitments 2020–2024 7,0
Total 18,5
  EUR million
Measure 2023
Growth from the gifts of nature  
Implementation of the Fishing Act and research on fish stocks 1,25
Promoting domestic fish 1
Preventing damages in commercial fisheries 1
Large carnivore research 0,4
Reindeer husbandry 0,4
Fishing tourism programme, etc. 0,5
Total 4,6
All in total 35,0

3.5 Finland built on trust and labour market equality

  EUR million
Measure 2023
Increase in TE Offices’ resources (regular interviews) + promotion of the Youth Guarantee 9,0
Increased use of pay subsidy (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health remains, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment new) 18,0
Action Plan for Gender Equality and Equal Pay Programme 0,5
Integration and intensification of work permit processes 3,0
Labour protection and supervision 1,5
Family leave reform (State financing share) 25,0
Development funds for promoting employment and developing services (e.g. career services) (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment) 2020, 2021 & Partial disability pension (linear model) (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health) 2022, 2023 8,0
Total 65,0

3.6 Fair, equal and inclusive Finland

3.6.1 Health and social services reform

  EUR million
Measure 2023
To improve the quality and effectiveness of services, we will amend the Act on Care Services for Older Persons comprehensively, and We will enact a statutory minimum staffing level of 0.7 for care personnel in units providing 24-hour care. Care intensity will be used as the main criterion for determining appropriate staffing levels. We will review the division of work in support services, among others. 70,0
Securing home-care resourcing and developing informal care alongside 24-hour care provision. 45,0
An office of an ombudsperson on older people’s rights will be established. 0,5
In our policy making, we will take into account the wide range of families and the complexity of circumstances. Involuntarily childless families will be offered different kinds of support. The Government will advance the proposals for measures put forward by the working group on alternating residence.  2,0
The Government will continue the programme to address child and family services. We will bring the family centre model into wider use, and the role of maternity and child health clinics will be developed. We will reinforce couples counselling and parenting support services. We will also ease the eligibility criteria for families to qualify for home services. 4,0
Provisions on staffing levels in child protection will be enacted. Starting from 35 clients per professional in 2022 and reaching 30 in 2024. Moreover, we will safeguard multidisciplinary services for children with special needs, and the team model will be taken into use more widely. 9,0
The availability of shelter services for victims of domestic violence and intimate partner violence will be raised to the level provided in the Istanbul Convention. 3,0
Reforming the Act on Client Charges in Health and Social Services to remove barriers to treatment and to increase equality in health by introducing more free services and by making client charges more equitable. 45,0
Extending the scope of the national screening programme in controlled ways (e.g. colorectal cancer). 10,0
Modernising the Farm Relief Services Act. 6,0
Access to basic-level services (shorter maximum waiting times for access to care) 50,0
Increasing research funding. 4,0
Healthcare of undocumented migrants 2,5
Preparing a horizontal, national mental health strategy in broad-based cooperation to ensure faster access to care and timely, quality services. 18,0
Turning Vaasa Central Hospital into a hospital providing extensive emergency care services. 1,0
Total 270,0

3.6.2 Reform of social security

  EUR million
Benefit increase Impact on general government finances
Pensions 183
Basic social security +EUR 20 52
Single-parent increment to child benefits +EUR 10. Vision: To implement the increase so that families who receive social assistance benefit the most from it. 22
Child benefits for 4th and 5th child +EUR 10 6
Family provider increment to child benefits +EUR 25 3
Study grants tied to cost-of-living index in 2020, first partially, later fully 25
Child maintenance allowance +EUR 7 9
Total 300

3.7 Finland that promotes competence, education, culture and innovation

  EUR million
Measure 2023
Extending the minimum school leaving age to 18 years and providing free upper secondary education 107,0
Confirming the unit price for general upper secondary education 18,0
Improving student welfare in comprehensive school education and upper secondary education 29,0
Raising the rate of participation in early childhood education and care:  
  Subjective right to early childhood education and care 17,0
  Reducing group sizes 16,0
Opportunities for all to pursue a leisure activity as part of the school day – Finnish version of the Icelandic model 14,5
Total 201,5

3.7.1 Youth, culture and sport

  EUR million
Measure 2023
Reforming the system of central government transfers to local government within the performing arts sector 10,0
Raising the level of grants for artists 1,8
Revamping the basic education in the arts 2,0
Promoting the 'one percent for art and culture' scheme 0,5
General increase to Svenska Finlands Folkting 0,2
General and project grants to children’s culture 1,0
Implementation of the Report on Sports Policy 5,0
Support for workshops 2,0
Total 22,5