Ministerial pay and allowances and ministers' private interests

Ministerial pay and allowances are defined in the act on the Members of Parliament's salary. A minister's salary equals that paid to the deputy speaker of Parliament minus five per cent. The salary paid to the prime minister equals that of the speaker of Parliament minus five per cent.

Act on the Member of Parliament’s salary - Finlex (in Finnish and Swedish only)
Act on Ministers' Pay and Allowances - Finlex

Ministers serving as Members of Parliament are also entitled to Member of Parliament’s salary and expense allowance. However, Members of Parliament appointed as ministers forfeit half of the salary and expense allowance they receive from Parliament.

Member of Parliament’s salary - Parliament

Ministerial salaries

Currently, ministers receive EUR 10 441 per month and the prime minister EUR 13 390 per month. Ministerial salary is subject to tax.

Ministers' private interests in the Rinne Government

On 19 June 2019, the Government decided to submit a communication to Parliament on the ministers' private interests. The communication is an account of the ministers' business activities, interests as owners in businesses, other significant assets and liabilities, and any outside duties or other interests which may be of relevance in evaluating their performance as a minister.

Ministers' private interests 10.10.2019 (in Finnish)
Ministers' private interests 26.9.2019 (in Finnish)​
Ministers' private interests 5.9.2019 (in Finnish)​

Ministers' private interests 27.6.2019 (in Finnish)
Ministers' private interests 19.6.2019 (in Finnish)