State Secretaries to the Ministers

State Secretaries assist ministers in political steering and planning. In line with the ministers' instructions, they also assist and represent the ministers in the drafting of policy outlines, conduct of inter-ministerial coordination, harmonising of policy positions, implementation of the Government Programme in the ministry's administrative branch, and the handling of EU and other international duties. The term of a State Secretary, who must enjoy the confidence of the minister in question, is linked to that of the minister. During the talks on the formation of each new Government, the appointment of, and new requirement for, State Secretaries is assessed.

The State Secretary to Prime Minister Juha Sipilä at the Prime Minister's Office is Mr Vesa Vihriälä. The duties of the State Secretary are, as the Prime Minister’s closest aide, to promote and monitor the implementation of the Government Programme, to direct preparation of matters in the Government and to ensure cooperation with the ministries.

In addition to the State Secretary to the Prime Minister, there are three State Secretaries in Sipilä's Government who work as State Secretary to their own party's group of ministers.
Press release on 17 June 2015 

State Secretaries to Sipilä's Government

State Secretary to the Prime Minister Vesa Vihriälä
tel. +359 295 160 280

State Secretary Jari Partanen (Centre Party of Finland)
tel. +358 295 342 326

State Secretary Samuli Virtanen (Blue Reform Party)
tel. +358 295 160 420

State Secretary Anssi Kujala (National Coalition Party)
tel. +358 400 567 925