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Finland is committed to promoting bilateral cooperation with Somalia

Ministry of the Interior 8.5.2018 16.38
News item

Somalia’s progress and the stabilisation of security in the country were high on the agenda when Minister of the Interior Kai Mykkänen and Minister of Internal Security of Somalia Mohamed Abukar Islow met. Minister Islow visited Helsinki between 7 and 8 May. He was accompanied on his visit by the head of the Somali immigration agency, Mohamed Adam Jimale.

During their visit, the Somali delegation learned about the work of the Finnish Police, the Finnish Border Guard and the Finnish Immigration Service and they were also given a presentation on the voluntary return programme.

"It is important for Finland to promote bilateral cooperation with Somalia. Strengthening the skills of the security authorities of the Federal Republic of Somalia is essential to the normalisation of the country’s economy and civil life. To support Somalia’s immigration administration, Finland is committed to helping the country in setting up an immigration agency," said Minister Mykkänen.

In addition to bilateral cooperation, Finland supports Somalia through coordinated international efforts. Finland participates in EU and UN civilian crisis management missions, EUCAP Somalia and the UNSOM mission in Somalia.


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