Projektet för utveckling av statens styrsystem

Recommendations of the OHRA Project

The final report of the OHRA Project, tasked to reform the Government’s steering framework, was presented to Prime Minister Alexander Stubb on 9 January 2015 by State Secretary Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Chair of the project steering group, and State Secretary Martti Hetemäki of the Ministry of Finance, who served as Deputy Chair of the project. 

The 17 proposals presented in the report are intended for the next parliamentary term.

Key recommendations

  • The Government Programme following the 2015 spring elections will be prepared on a completely new basis.

  • The Government Programme will outline the key objectives without specifying in great detail the actions to be taken.
  • The Government Programme will be strategic in nature, setting out three to five key policy objectives.
  • Once the Government is formed, prompt steps will be taken to launch the preparation of a Government Action Plan under political control, to be completed within three months. The efforts will be coordinated with the preparation of the General Government Fiscal Plan.
  • For each of the three to five key policy objectives or ‘policy packages’ selected by the Government, the current situation, allocation of resources, measures to be taken, timeframes and responsibilities as well as related indicators and information needs will be defined.

  • For each policy package, a ministerial working group will be appointed to oversee implementation. Other ministerial working groups would subsequently be established only in exceptional cases.

  • The Government Action Plan will be finalised in the budget session held in the early autumn along with the General Government Fiscal Plan and the Government’s Draft Budget.

  • The Government Action Plan will be presented to Parliament as a report in autumn 2016 at the same time as the 2016 Draft Budget.

  • The Government will review both the Government Action Plan and the General Government Fiscal Plan annually in the spring. The review will be presented to Parliament in the form of a report.

  • It is proposed that an expert unit be set up in the Government to assess the impact of statutes and other policy measures. The unit’s main mission will be to ensure that sound and adequate information is available to the Government and Parliament when decisions on key structural and other changes are made.

  • Additionally, the number of strategic guidance documents separate from the Government Action Plan will be drastically reduced during the next parliamentary term. With the change of Government in 2015, existing strategic guidance documents will cease to apply, unless otherwise decided.

Publication of the OHRA Project report and recommendations on 9 January 2015