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#OmassaKuplassa campaign calls on people to spend Vappu in their own bubbles

Government Communications DepartmentMinistry of the Interior
Publication date 28.4.2021 15.00 | Published in English on 30.4.2021 at 10.24
Press release 265/2021

In the week before Vappu, a joint campaign of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the Ministry of the Interior and the police is calling on people to celebrate Vappu safely, taking into account the COVID-19 restrictions.

-The #OmassaKuplassa campaign wants everyone to remember that it is still not safe to celebrate Vappu in large groups, and that we should instead celebrate at most with a small group of people close to us, or, in other words, in our own bubbles. The campaign also encourages people to consider whether they could have a fully remote #VappuAtHome by participating in alternative Vappu activities, such as virtual concerts, which are also being held this year,” says Head of Communications Päivi Tampere from the Prime Minister’s Office.

The main objective of the campaign is to prevent a surge in COVID-19 infections in connection with Vappu.
“Although the number of COVID-19 cases on the decline, it is important that we continue to comply with the restrictions on gatherings and remember safe distances, masks and good hand hygiene, including during Vappu. In other words, we need to show restraint and stay safe during the Vappu celebrations. This will help make a better summer for everyone,” says Chief Physician Otto Helve from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

The police, who are also involved in the campaign, hope that people will comply with the guidelines and regional restrictions so that they will not have to intervene in prohibited Vappu gatherings.

“Responsible behaviour starts with all of us,” says Chief Inspector Vesa Pihajoki from the National Police Board.

The #OmassaKuplassa campaign will be visible on the social media channels of various organisations in the week leading up to Vappu. The campaign is coordinated by the Finland Forward team (@suomitoimii) at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Inquiries: Alma Snellman, Communications Specialist, Prime Minister’s Office, tel. +358 295 160 127

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