Joint controllership

The Prime Minister's Office and other Ministries are joint controllers when processing personal data in the Government’s shared information systems.

These shared information systems include:

  • case management systems that store letters from citizens, requests for information and other contacts: VAHVA, MAHTI, Oskari, Vilma, Doktori, Acta, Aski
  • the Government's publication platform YJA
  • the Government intranet Kampus
  • the Government’s project management tool Gateway to Information on Government Projects
  • the Government electronic decision support system PTS
  • the Government's service order and management system Virkku.

The Government has determined the responsibilities of each joint controller. The Prime Minister's Office and other Ministries are responsible for ensuring that your personal data are processed in accordance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation and the applicable national legislation. Regardless of joint controllership, a legal basis must exist for the disclosure of personal data between Ministries.

The Prime Minister’s Office and all Ministries bear responsibility for their own official activities, including the accuracy of data and the implementation of the rights of data subjects, i.e. our customers. In addition, the Prime Minister's Office is responsible for the following data protection issues with respect to the shared information systems:

  • ensuring that the technical solutions have a legal basis for processing personal data in accordance with the data protection legislation
  • ensuring an appropriate level of security and guaranteeing the confidentiality of services
  • ensuring that contracts with processors have been concluded in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. For more information about processors of personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer.
  • ensuring that the systems comply with data protection principles
  • carrying out the necessary data protection impact assessments.

When using our services, you can exercise your right to data protection by contacting the relevant Ministry.