Financial and operational planning and monitoring

Guidelines for operational and financial planning at the Prime Minister’s Office are provided in the current Government Programme and other related government documents, and in the General Government Fiscal Plan. Other guiding sources include government reports, decisions in principle and other statements.

Operational and financial planning documents are drawn up in line with the State Budget Act and Decree and the regulations and instructions issued by the Ministry of Finance.

The operational and financial planning documents drawn up by the Prime Minister’s Office include

  • the four-year General Government Fiscal Plan (including spending limits decisions),
  • the annual budgets, and 
  • the performance plan

The final accounts are the most important financial monitoring document.

Appropriations under the main title of the Prime Minister’s Office amount to an average of EUR 200 million per year. Of these, appropriations for the operating expenses of the Prime Minister’s Office account for around EUR 130 million. The operating expenses include appropriations for the joint administrative and service functions of the Government and its ministries.