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Translation and language services

The Prime Minister’s Office provides translation and language services for all ministries. Translated texts include government proposals, legislation, press releases, ministers’ speeches and other documents.

The Translation and Language Division is also responsible for the Government’s terminology work, which aims to promote clear communication and to harmonise the terms used in different languages in government texts. The language specialists at the Prime Minister’s Office also draw up a variety of guidelines, especially to support legislative drafting in Swedish and to solve problems that arise when writing in English.

In addition to glossaries and guidance, the Translation and Language Division provides free advice on the terminology used in government texts. You can ask our terminology services how to translate säännös (provision) into Swedish, valtioneuvoston ohjesääntö (Government Rules of Procedure) into English, pääministeri (Prime Minister) into French or valtioneuvosto (Government) into Russian, for example.

The Secretariat of the Swedish Language Board also operates from the Prime Minister’s Office. Its mandate is to foster clarity and comprehensibility in the legal and administrative Swedish used in Finland.