Breakdown of state ownership

State shareholdings are divided according to the basis for ownership into three different categories: finance interest, strategic interest and special assignment.

Finance interest means that the State has exclusively, or almost exclusively, a strong investor interest in the company.

Strategic interest means that in addition to investor interests, there are other interests that make it advisable for the State to remain in a strong ownership position for the time being.

Special assignment companies are companies that have a state-defined political or other mission related to business and industry or society, or some other special role.

Majority-owned and minority-owned companies

A state majority-owned company is a company in which the State holds a majority of the votes. 

Minority-owned companies are companies in which the State holds less than 50 per cent of shares and voting rights conferred by shares.


Solidium is a wholly state-owned limited company that aims to reinforce and consolidate domestic ownership in companies of national significance and to increase the economic value of its assets in the long term. Solidium’s portfolio includes listed companies in which it holds a non-controlling interest.

Breakdown of state corporate holdings by field of activity 2023

Key indicators 2023

  • Shares in 73 companies
  • Portfolio valuation: EUR 37 billion
  • Net sales: EUR 131.5 billion
  • Investments: EUR 7.6 billion
  • Operating income: EUR 10.4 billion
  • Tax footprint: EUR 7.9 billion
  • Personnel: 298.000