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Citizens’ Pulse

The Citizens’ Pulse survey examines citizens’ opinions on current issues and government activities and asks about their mood and expectations for the future.

Citizens’ Pulse surveys

Finland and NATO

Finland became a full member of NATO on 4 April 2023. NATO membership means that Finland is involved in decision-making on security policy questions that are essential for Finland.

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COVID-19 in Finland

COVID-19 is no longer classified as a generally hazardous communicable disease. The health authorities will continue to provide guidance on COVID-19 vaccinations, testing and other practices.

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Energy situation and financial support for electricity costs

Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine caused problems with the price and availability of energy. The government implemented a variety of measures to help households cope with high electricity prices.

Electricity savings and financial support

Russian invasion of Ukraine

Finland’s foreign policy leadership is closely monitoring Russia’s actions and the security situation in Europe. Finland is responding to Russia’s actions as part of the European Union.

War in Ukraine

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Webcasts and photos

Press conferences online

Hallituksen ja ministerien tiedotustilaisuudet välitetään suorina verkkolähetyksinä ja ne ovat katsottavissa myöhemmin tallenteina.

Main press conferences by the Government and ministries are available as direct webcasts.

News photos on Flickr

Valtioneuvoston valokuvat ovat käytettävissä uutis- ja tiedonvälitykseen.

Government photographs on Flickr can be used in connection with news and other information dissemination.

Government image bank

Valtioneuvoston aineistopankki sisältää kuvia ministereistä, virkamiehistä ja valtioneuvoston tiloista.

The image bank contains photographs of government ministers, public employees and government premises.