Data Protection

Contact information

Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officer Tomi Lindholm
Prime Minister’s Office, Government Administration Department


Prime Minister’s Office, PO Box 23, 00023 Government
Registry: kirjaamo(at) and tel. +358 295 160 334

The Data Protection Ombudsman monitors compliance with the data protection legislation in Finland. Further information about your right to data protection is available on the website of the Data Protection Ombudsman at:

Processing of personal data

Personal data is only stored for justified reasons. As a rule, the data is needed to implement services and for communication. The use of the services is voluntary, and the personal data provided is not processed for any purposes other than those indicated. 

The data is processed by the persons maintaining the contents of the service in the ministries, as well as by cooperation partners and their subcontractors who produce the service. The Ministry has agreed on the processing of personal data with these bodies in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

As a user of services, you have the right to know what data we store about you and who processes your data. In addition, you can also check the data we have collected about you and update it, if necessary.
User's rights and requests for personal data

If you need more information concerning the processing of your personal data at the Ministry, please contact the Ministry's Data Protection Officer.

Personal data stored

Stored personal data

Data that you have provided yourself

Service Data stored

Subscription to the newsletter

email address

Subscription to press releases and
other material on current issues

email address

Comments on blogs

email address

Use of media service

email address
first and last name
date of birth
postal address
ID card and its number
mobile phone number
job or title
the medium and its contact information

Media passes to press conferences

email address
first and last name
date of birth
mobile phone number
job and/or job description
the medium and its contact information
contact person's name

Cloudia tendering service

Name of contact person
Address of contact person
Occupation or title of contact person
name of user
telephone number of user
email address of user

M2 travel management service

name of passenger
email address
street address
social security number
bank account number
cost pool

Security clearance and
access rights management system

date of birth
telephone number

Prettylib library system

date of birth
email address
statistical unit

Government online bookstore

delivery address
billing information (if any)

Information management systems


Government camera surveillance system


Information system on ministers

first and last name
date of birth
place of birth
member of parliament
former name

Tiimeri Teamwork sites

email address 
login method
other data the person herself may have stored

Goverment project information service

email address
job title

International Gender Equality Prize

Name of the proposed candidate (person or organisation)
Contact details of the proposed candidate (person or organisation)
Name of the proposer
Contact details of the proposer

Required information that may include personal data:

In which ways has this person or organisation advanced gender equality?
Which effects have his/her/their activities had so far and which effects are to be expected in future?
How large a group of people has been affected by the activities, according to your estimation?
How large an area (geographically) has been affected by the activities?

When you are in contact with us, we also collect the following information

  • Data that you have given to us when you have participated in events.
  • Feedback and letters you have sent, requests for documents or information, and any other contacts you have made.

​We do not collect data that would allow individual visitors to be identified. We only collect general statistical data on how the webpages are used. Such data includes pages viewed, time, IP address, web browser and operating system. This information is then used for developing our web services.