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Almost 30 countries and 50 sites
The world congratulates the 100-year-old Finland by lighting up in blue and white

Government Communications Department
Publication date 4.12.2017 8.11
Press release 565/2017

Finland’s 100 years of independence is celebrated this week with blue-and-white light shows across Finland and in almost 30 countries around the world. The excitement has been gathering pace up to the last minute, and 50 iconic venues and buildings across the globe will be illuminated with blue and white lights in honour of Finland’s centenary of independence.

The centenary of Finland’s independence culminates on Finland’s Independence Day, 6 December 2017. It is the most significant commemorative year for this generation of Finns. The Finns’ enthusiasm to mark the country’s 100th birthday with blue-and-white light shows has also spread across the world. Over the next few days, there will be blue-and-white light shows at 50 sites in a total of almost 30 countries. News about new venues for the light shows has been coming in up to the last minute.

The sites include the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro and the Niagara Falls in Canada, as well as many other spectacular sites that will be covered in blue-and-white lighting in honour of Finland.

“Finland has received numerous accolades and gifts from around the world this year. Now, the world will turn blue and white for a short time. This is a great moment for Finns and friends of Finland,” says Pekka Timonen, General Secretary of the Centenary of Finland’s Independence, Prime Minister’s Office.

Finland 100 and the network of Finnish embassies have collaborated with partners in a number of countries to ensure that Finland’s big moment will be visible around the world. Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, will air the unforgettable moments from the illuminated venues on TV, stream them online on Yle Areena, and post them on social media, starting on 5 December, the eve of Independence Day.

Finland’s centenary has become the richest and most versatile anniversary or theme year of all time in Finland. The centenary programme, with more than 5,000 projects has spread to more than 100 countries on all the continents. The open programme, its magnitude and the way the projects are carried out are unique even on an international scale.

Sites to be illuminated (as 3 December 2017, changes are possible)

Country, city, site to be illuminated

  • Argentina, Buenos Aires, The Usina del Arte cultural centre
  • Australia, Adelaide, Adelaide Town Hall
  • Australia, Brisbane, Story Bridge and Victoria Bridge
  • Australia, Canberra, Telstra Tower, the Old Parliament House, Malcolm Fraser Bridge, Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre(Parkes)
  • Australia, Hobart, Railway Roundabout Fountain, Elizabeth Street Mall and the Kennedy Lane Tourism Precinct
  • Australia, Perth, The Council House building and Trafalgar Bridge
  • Austria, Vienna, The Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel
  • Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, The Christ the Redeemer statue
  • Bulgaria, Sofia, The National Palace of Culture
  • Canada, Niagara Falls
  • Cyprus, Nicosia, The White Walls building
  • Czech Republic, Prague, The Dancing House designed by Frank Gehry
  • Estonia, Tallinn, Stenbock House (The seat of the Government)
  • Estonia, Tartu, The Vanemuine Theatre, Võidu sild Bridge, Kaarsild Bridge 
  • Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Lion of Judah monument in front of the Ethiopian National Theatre
  • Greece, Athens, The Arch of Hadrian
  • Hungary, Budapest, Elizabeth Bridge
  • Iceland, Reykjavik, Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre
  • Ireland, Dublin, Mansion House, the residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin
  • Italy, Rome, The Colosseum
  • Kazakhstan, Astana, The bridges across the Ishim River, St. Regis hotel
  • Latvia, Jelgava, Railway Bridge
  • Latvia, Riga, The Tower of the Town Hall in the Old Town, the Railway Bridge across the Daugava river
  • Mexico, Mexico City, The Angel of Independence monument (Ángel de la Independencia)
  • Mozambique, Maputo, Maputo Fortress
  • Netherlands, Alkmaar, Stadskantine Alkmaar
  • Norway, Oslo, Holmenkollen ski jumping hill
  • Poland, Warsaw, The Palace of Culture and Science
  • Portugal, Lisbon, Belém Tower (a UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Russia, Lumivaara, Lumivaara Church
  • Russia, Moscow, The Embassy of Finland
  • Russia, Petrozavodsk, The National Theatre
  • Russia, Saint Petersburg, The Museum of Ethnography
  • Serbia, Belgrade, Ada Bridge, Palace Albania
  • Sweden, Stockholm, Globen
  • Switzerland, Montreux, The Mannerheim memorial
  • Ukraine, Kiev, The Embassy of Finland
  • United Kingdom, Newcastle,The Gateshead Millennium Bridge

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Tiina Tähtinen, Communications Officer, Public Diplomacy, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, tiina.tahtinen (at), tel. + 358 295 351765
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Information on the program

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Further information and material for the media

Finland 100 Years. The year 2017 will mark Finland’s 100th anniversary as an independent state. It is the most important anniversary year of this generation and will be celebrated throughout 2017 all over Finland. The theme selected for the centenary year is ‘Together’. Responsibility for the preparations and coordination of the centenary year rests with Finland 100 set up by the Prime Minister’s Office, assisted by the Project Secretariat and the regional network in the counties., #suomi100, #finland100