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Prime Ministers of Finland and Spain seek to strengthen cooperation

Government Communications Department
Publication date 26.1.2022 17.16 | Published in English on 27.1.2022 at 11.03
Press release 37/2021

Prime Minister Sanna Marin and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez met in Madrid on Wednesday 26 January. The two prime ministers discussed strengthening their countries’ economic relations and cooperation on a number of EU issues. The security situation in Europe also came up in the discussion.

“Finland and Spain think alike in many areas. We have good possibilities to cooperate both on EU affairs and bilaterally,” Prime Minister Marin said at the prime ministers’ joint press conference.

With the exception of a downturn in 2020 due to the pandemic, Finland’s exports to Spain have been growing. The EU recovery package is opening up new opportunities for Finland to intensify commercial cooperation in Spain, particularly in the spheres of digitalisation and the green transition.

Spain and Finland have similar views on developing the EU’s common foreign, security and defence policy, deepening the single market, promoting free trade and managing migration. Finland and Spain also place a great deal of importance on the EU’s shared values, such as the rule of law, human rights and gender equality. Both countries want the EU to have a stronger united voice in global issues.

The prime ministers discussed the EU-Africa summit to be held in February and the two March European Councils, which will focus on the economy and security. Their discussion also addressed the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and questions related to Europe’s energy supply. The prime ministers spoke for a long time about the security situation in Europe.

“The current security situation in Europe is cause for concern. Ukraine has strong support from the EU. As we stated at the December European Council, any further military aggression by Russia against Ukraine would have massive consequences and severe costs,” Prime Minister Marin said. 
Inquiries: Jari Luoto, State Under-Secretary for European Affairs, tel. +358 50 468 5949, Tuulia Pitkänen, Special Adviser for EU Affairs, tel. +358 41 501 3092 and Anne Sjöholm, Head of Communications for EU and International Affairs, tel. +358 40 537 0733, Prime Minister’s Office 

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