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Preparation for introduction of an application to trace chains of transmission continues - proposal for a roadmap circulated for comments

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 28.4.2020 16.11
Press release 110/2020

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has prepared a proposal for a roadmap for the introduction of a mobile application to support the tracing of coronavirus infections in Finland. The proposal is being circulated for comments until 5th of May 2020.

The proposal describes the operating model and the requirements set for the application as well as other issues to be specified during further work. 

According to the proposal, the application would enable to faster identify those exposed to coronavirus, to better target testing, and to break transmission chains more effectively.

The use of the application is voluntary and ensures privacy protection

The application to support the tracing of transmission chains, and its back-end system, would be implemented in a manner ensuring fundamental rights, data protection and data security.

The use of the application would be voluntary and the processing of the data would be based on personal consent. The application would use mobile devices’ Bluetooth technology for contact tracing. The application would not collect location data.

The Communicable Diseases Act obliges those infected to provide  information regarding the persons who may have been infected. With a mobile app, the exposed persons could be reached faster and more extensively. Through the application, people could receive instructions and they could also report their own exposure to healthcare service.

The purpose of the application, related powers and the processing of personal data would be regulated by legislation. The functionalities of the application would be specified in cooperation with the healthcare sector.

The premise is that the application should facilitate the tracing and treatment of infections, and its use should be stopped at the end of the epidemic.


Minna Saario, Director, [email protected]