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Finland sent solar power system and other energy sector assistance to Ukraine

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 15.3.2023 15.23 | Published in English on 16.3.2023 at 14.20
Press release

Finland has been one of the leading providers of assistance to Ukraine's energy sector during the war. On Tuesday 14 March, the latest energy sector assistance, a smart solar power system, was sent from Finland to Ukraine.

The solar power system donated to Ukraine is equipped with a smart backup power system that ensures the functioning of critical electrical equipment during a power outage. The donation was made by PlayGreen, a Finnish energy company, and it will be delivered to Ukraine through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. The transport is scheduled to arrive in Ukraine next week. The solar power system will respond to Ukraine’s acute need for energy and also help the country move away from fossil energy.

Over the past few weeks, a total of 77 transformers, large back-up generators and mobile heat and steam generators have also been delivered from Finland to Ukraine. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has destroyed energy production plants and the power grid in the country. Extensive power outages have affected civilian lives around the country.

“Finland has helped Ukraine significantly in securing energy production in the midst of the war. I would like to thank Finnish businesses, organisations and people for their continued eagerness to help. Ukraine will continue to need civilian material assistance, because Russia has attacked civilian targets and, in particular, critical infrastructure. Finland will provide Ukraine with assistance for as long as it is necessary,” says Minister of the Interior Krista Mikkonen

Finland is one of the leading providers of assistance to Ukraine's energy sector 

Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Finland has delivered a lot of civilian material assistance to Ukraine. The civilian material assistance consists mainly of donations from the private and public sectors. The Ministry of the Interior coordinates the provision of assistance to Ukraine.

Finland has been one of the leading providers of assistance to Ukraine's energy sector. According to the ERCC (Emergency Response Coordination Centre), Finland has provided Ukraine with the largest number of transformers and the sixth largest number of generators by the beginning of March. In total, nearly 600 transformers and more than a hundred generators have been delivered from Finland. Measured by the capacity of the generators, Finland has provided a total of 10 per cent of all the energy capacity delivered to Ukraine.

In addition to energy sector assistance, the civilian material assistance provided by Finland has included medicines, civil defence and rescue equipment, radiation safety equipment and medical supplies.

Heikki Honkanen, Senior Coordinator, Ministry of the Interior, tel. +358 295 488 565, [email protected]
Mikko Jalo, Special Adviser to the Minister of the Interior, tel. +358 50 304 8522, [email protected]