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Minister of Employment Satonen: Legislative preparation to develop the mediation system continues, I hope that the employee organisations will internally still find a path to agreement

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Publication date 22.3.2024 12.35 | Published in English on 25.3.2024 at 15.19
Press release
Minister of Employment Arto Satonen
Minister of Employment Arto Satonen

State Secretary Mika Nykänen has reported the results of his review of the conditions for starting labour market model negotiations to both Prime Minister Petteri Orpo and Minister of Employment Arto Satonen. According to the report, the organisations consider the preparation of a common agreement-based labour market model to be necessary. Some of the organisations, however, have preconditions for starting negotiations.

According to Minister of Employment Satonen, following the conclusions of the review undertaken by State Secretary Nykänen, legislative preparation to develop a mediation system will continue in the tripartite working group as planned. A proposal is expected to be submitted to Parliament during the autumn session 2024.

“Based on the report I have received from State Secretary Nykänen, there seem to be no grounds for the organisations to quickly start negotiating with each other on the export-led Finnish labour market model. However, agreement between organisations will facilitate the development of a model much broader than legislation alone. For this reason, I have asked Katarina Murto, Chair of Trade Union of Education in Finland OAJ and Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals JUKO, and Millariikka Rytkönen, Chair of Union of Health and Social Care Services Tehy, to review more deeply perspectives and opportunities within employee organisations. I hope that Chairs Murto and Rytkönen will review and identify means to bring all the employee organisations that participated in the bipartite discussions in autumn 2023 around the same table to negotiate a mutually acceptable and sustainable labour market model for Finland. In this way, all social partners would commit more strongly to the new labour market model,” Minister of Employment Satonen said.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment announced earlier today that State Secretary Nykänen’s review of the conditions for starting negotiations on the Finnish labour market model has been completed (press release

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