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Germany and Finland sign a Statement of Intent regarding the Common Armoured Vehicle System

Ministry of Defence
Publication date 14.6.2022 13.03 | Published in English on 14.6.2022 at 13.10
Press release

The Ministry of Defence of Finland and the Federal Ministry of Defence of Germany have signed a Statement of Intent regarding Germany joining the Common Armoured Vehicle System (CAVS) on 14 June 2022.

The countries will enter into negotiations to finalise the accession of Germany to the programme. Furthermore, the countries will continue discussions regarding the development and procurement of armoured vehicles in the framework of the programme.

CAVS is a collaborative multinational programme aimed at developing an armoured vehicle system based on the common requirements of the countries involved. Currently Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Sweden are participants in the programme. Patria's 6x6 vehicle has earlier been chosen as the chassis platform for the common research and development programme.

To date, the R&D work has yielded a common platform and an APC variant that meet the common requirements set by the programme participants. The programme remains open for new countries to join.

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