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Ministry for Foreign Affairs organise Foreign Correspondents’ Programme in June

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Publication date 3.6.2022 9.37 | Published in English on 3.6.2022 at 10.30
Press release

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs will organise a thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme (FCP) from 5 to 11 June 2022. The programme will give 13 young foreign correspondents and media professionals an opportunity to learn about Finland and the Finnish society.

Since the first FCP in 1990, over 400 young journalists from 64 different countries have taken part in the programme in Finland. The programme is part of the Foreign Ministry’s country branding work and a significant investment in future media relations. The aim is to increase interest in Finland among young journalists and other media professionals and to ensure that Finland’s network of missions abroad, which play an important role in country branding, will have faithful friends of Finland in central positions in foreign media.

The FCP cover a range of topics, including topical themes and phenomena. This year, the focus will be on matters related to Finland’s foreign and security policy. Visits to the cities of Espoo and Turku will be co-organised by the Ministry and the city authorities. One day of the programme will be reserved for activities organised by the University of Helsinki. In addition, the participants will visit the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. 

This year participants come from the following countries: Angola, Australia, Chile, France, Hungary, Israel, the Philippines, Poland, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Uzbekistan. Some of the participants have been waiting for the opportunity to visit Finland already for a long time, as this year’s FCP was originally planned for summer 2020 but had to be postponed until now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Follow the programme on the FCP blog and on Facebook. Read each participant’s presentation on the FCP blog.

Inquiries about FCP

  • Petra Sarias, Content and Communications Specialist, +358 50 342 71 86.
  • The Foreign Ministry’s email addresses are in the format [email protected] 
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