Altogether 1.4 million Finns copy music, movies and TV-programs for private use

Ministry of Education and Culture 22.11.2016 10.51 | Published in English on 12.2.2017 at 22.11
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Based on the survey, material covered by legal private copying is copied by every third Finn. The number of people making copies has decreased in the last five years.

The total amount of private copying among the 15-79 year olds is annually approximately 392-432 million music and video files. All other copying, except the legal private copying defined by the Copyright Act, has been excluded from the 393 million copied files – for example self-made material, illegal downloading and copies which have been paid for through other means (e.g. iTunes). The amount of copying in the 2016 survey was at quite a similar level as in 2015.

The 2016 survey also included children between ages 12 and 14. The overall level of copying among 12-79 year olds was 400-451 million files.

Mobile phone, computer and MP3-player are the most common devices into which music content is copied. Copying of video content is most commonly done to recordable set-top boxes and computers.

The most common original source when music is copied are original CDs, freely downloadable fi les from the internet (e.g. artists’ own web pages) and streaming services (material saved in offline mode). TV-broadcast is the most often used source of copied videos.

The usage of streaming for music and audio-visual content has increased continuously during the surveys conducted in 2012-2016. Online storage services for music and video files have also increased their number of users significantly.

There have been no major changes in the listening and watching habits regarding music and video files, when compared with 2015. The Finns listen to music and watch videos in many different ways. An increasing number of Finns use the new services along old methods of consumption.

• Main findings of the 2016 private copying survey