A change proposed to dimensions of heavy-duty vehicles

Ministry of Transport and Communications 12.3.2018 13.31 | Published in English on 14.3.2018 at 11.50
Press release

The Ministry of Transport and Communications proposes that longer combined vehicles than currently be allowed in road transport. The longest permitted dimension would be extended to 34.50 metres from the current 25.25 metres.

The proposed amendment to the Decree on the Use of Vehicles on the Road will be circulated for comments until 17 April.

Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner says the reform will benefit many parties.

- By developing the dimensions and masses of heavy-duty vehicles, it is possible for us to considerably improve the efficiency and energy-efficiency of transports and reduce the emissions from transport. The changes proposed now concern dimensions and we will next look at changes related to masses. This project will benefit transport companies and the entire society widely, says Minister Berner.

High capacity transport (HTC), transports that are longer or heavier than normal, have been trialled since 2013 with special permits granted by Trafi. Based on the experiences gained in the trials, it can be concluded that especially the transport of sea containers, general cargo and food benefit significantly from the extension of the dimensions.

New requirements would be set for the longer combined vehicles, for example, to ensure driving stability.

The legislative amendments concerning the length of combined vehicles are planned to enter into force in autumn 2018.

The project to develop the dimensions and masses of heavy-duty vehicles will be continued dur-ing 2018 with separate drafting of the amendments required to introduce combined vehicles that are heavier than currently.

The starting point for the drafting is that the changes related to masses would only apply to such separately determined parts of the road network in which it is possible to operate with heavier masses. According to preliminary estimations, the first limited routes could be introduced during 2019.

What next?

The proposed decree will be circulated for comments until 17 April. After that, drafting will con-tinue in the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The amendments are scheduled to enter into force in autumn 2018.

The necessary amendments concerning the introduction of heavier combined vehicles than cur-rently will be drafted separately during 2018.


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