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Government discusses foreign and security policy situation at evening session

Government Communications Department
Publication date 28.9.2022 20.39 | Published in English on 28.9.2022 at 21.04
Press release

At its evening session on 28 September, the Government discussed the current foreign and security policy situation and the measures needed to address it.

Tomorrow, on Thursday 29 September, the Government will adopt a resolution that will significantly restrict the right of Russian citizens to enter Finland as tourists and to use Finland as a transit country when travelling to other parts of the Schengen area, as described in more detail in the resolution. In addition, the Government received a briefing on ways to enhance control at the border between Finland and Russia using a border fence.

The Government is monitoring the situation and will meet to discuss the matter again later this week.

Inquiries: Päivi Paasikoski, Director of Government Communications, tel. +358 40 574 6279, Prime Minister’s Office, and State Secretary Henrik Haapajärvi, tel. +358 9 1602 2006

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