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Prime Minister Marin at EU-ASEAN summit: Russian terror calls for global response

Government Communications Department
Publication date 14.12.2022 18.29
Press release
Pääministeri Marin kävelee Europa-rakennuksessa, takan EU-ASEAN huippukokouksen logot
Photo: EU

Prime Minister Sanna Marin attended the first summit of the EU and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ASEAN in Brussels today.

In her speech, Marin emphasised the effects of Russia’s war of aggression on the entire international system, the importance of ASEAN and the Indo-Pacific region for Europe, and the need for practical cooperation between the EU and ASEAN. 
Marin stressed that Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine has further increased the significance of the EU-ASEAN partnership. “The killing of civilians, attacks against civil infrastructure and other terrorist acts call for a strong and decisive global response,” Marin said.
“The EU strongly condemns Russia’s military aggression. We would do the same if this were happening in Asia,” Marin said.
Marin said she believes in the need for cooperation between the EU and ASEAN, emphasising opportunities for wide-ranging cooperation and the concrete benefits it would bring.
“Finland attaches great importance to the strategic partnership with ASEAN. We support efforts to increase practical cooperation, including through free trade negotiations and partnerships in digitalisation, connectivity and the green economy.”
The objective of the EU-ASEAN summit was to strengthen the strategic partnership established between the parties in 2020 and to outline areas for closer cooperation between the regions. At the summit, the leaders discussed global and regional security issues, economic and trade cooperation and sustainable development, including the green and digital transition. Cooperation with the Indo-Pacific region is a clear geopolitical priority for the EU, and establishing closer relations with ASEAN and its member countries is in line with this goal.
Practical cooperation between the EU and ASEAN is guided by the EU-ASEAN Plan of Action, which outlines areas for cooperation on trade, the economy, security policy and culture. The parties reached an agreement on the 2023-2027 Plan of Action in August.
At the meeting, the EU and ASEAN adopted a joint declaration in which the parties reaffirmed their commitment to the rules-based international system and respect for international law.

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