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Finland is an active and responsible player in the Arctic region

Government Communications Department
7.5.2020 11.11
News item 8/2020

All activities in the Arctic must be based on the carrying capacity of the natural environment, need to protect the climate, sustainable development principles, and respect for the rights of indigenous populations. In line with Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Government Programme, the Government will prepare a new strategy on Arctic policy, which will set out Finland's long-term goals in the region and address the associated resource needs.

Other measures will also be taken to strengthen Arctic cooperation. The aim for Finland is to adopt a key role in strengthening the EU’s Arctic policy and in promoting a stronger Arctic Council and the work of the Arctic Economic Council. Finland aims to enhance the stability of the Arctic region and help keep the region free from military tensions.

The main elements of the Finnish Arctic Strategy published in 2013 are still valid. The Government updated the priorities of the strategy in September 2016. The updated strategy further specified Finland’s role and the Government objectives in the development of the Arctic region. The strategy was revised from the perspective of the Government Programme objectives and key priorities, in line with the priorities established for the updating process. In March 2017, the Government approved the action plan for the update of the strategy that brought the objectives of the strategy closer to practice and established schedules for them.

Inquiries: Nina Brander, Secretary General of the Arctic Advisory Council, tel. +358 295 160 347, Prime Minister’s Office

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