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Combating coronavirus together by sharing reliable information

Government Communications Department
Publication date 22.3.2020 15.43 | Published in English on 23.3.2020 at 10.19
Press release 160/2020

The Prime Minister’s Office has launched cooperation with the Finnish Media Pool (part of the National Emergency Supply Agency) and PING Helsinki. The purpose of the cooperation is to support social media influencers in sharing information on the coronavirus with their followers.

“We can reach a large portion of the public in Finland through official communications and traditional media channels, but it is clear that the messages of the authorities do not always reach all population groups. The aim of this cooperation is to provide better access to information for those who are difficult to reach through traditional media and communications,” says Government Communications Director Päivi Anttikoski.

“As far as we know, Finland is the only country in the world that has defined social media as a critical operator in terms of security of supply. In this exceptional situation, social media has a very important role to play in disseminating information.”

The fight against the coronavirus is something we all need to tackle together. When it comes to communications, reliability and accountability are of particular importance. Each and every one of us can help by following the guidelines of the authorities and by passing on information to our friends and loved ones. One share can make a big difference. 

PING Helsinki will organise a webinar on this theme together with the Media Pool and the Prime Minister’s Office on Tuesday 24 March at 9–11 o’clock. Check out the programme and sign up. 

Inquiries: Jussi Toivanen, Chief Communications Specialist, tel. +358 295 160 141

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